Stride for Neurodiversity Pride

Going the Distance Together

In the future, June 16th will be the worlds largest shared sports activity for neurodivergent kind. Join in with others or go at it alone. Choose any of 10 activities, download the Stride App to track the steps in your journey and go!

Due to a lack of funds we had to delay the ND Marathon Around The World in the Stride Project and the Stride App is still limited in its functionality and language. This however, is no barrier for neurodivergents & allies going on their own journey on their own accord on ND Pride, walking, biking, dancing…. moonwalking?

Countdown to ND Pride Day








Stride Solo

Dance, Bike or Walk and add those traversed meters to the shared achievement.

Stride Together

Wander, Boat or Run with a friend, coach or family member.

Stride Team

Join your company team, and do Stride as a group.

What Activities Can You Do?

In Stride, you chose your own way, your own activity, your own goal. And your result will be tallied to the worldwide achievement of all Neurodivergents & allies combined. 


Walk anywhere you like and track your steps. You can also meander aimlessly or hike a path.


Take a boat and float to anywhere you like. Make sure you start the Stride App before you go!


One day, neurodivergent kind, will go to the moon on June 16th. Let's take a step back, to appreciate our progress.


Run anywhere you like. Or if you are in a jolly mood, you can also skiphop till you drop. 


Calling all dancers, ravers and lovers to join Stride: dance in any direction, in any style. Yes to this! 


Choose a distance to swim, and keep your phone in a plastic bag with you: Neurodiver-gent 


Choose a distance to achieve, biking alone, with a friend or with your work mates. 


Flags, demonstrations, instructions; all optional. Make your own symbolic march for ND Pride. 


Start the app, and rock solid. As your wheels spin, so it the moon coming closer due to your moves. 

About the Event

Stride sports activities are a way to show neurodivergent pride, and have fun together or solo. The most important event is on Neurodiversity Pride Week: June 10-17th with Neurodiversity Pride Day on June 16th. 

Who We Are ?

The Neurodiversity Foundation is created to bridge the gaps between all neurotypes. To influence the future, we lead projects in four pillars: Neurodiversity education & belonging, neurodivergent Pride, neurodiversity awareness & mainstreaming, and research for neurodiverse communication technology for families and teams.

Our Mission

With Stride we organize worlds first collective neurodivergent sport activity to support the neurodiversity pride movement. 

2025: Around the Moon

2026: Around the World

2027: Roundtrip To the Moon & Back.

Goal for 2025


Total Volunteers



Founder & Volunteers

Stride celebrates Neurodiversity Pride. Each of our members, volunteers en teammembers are Neurodivergent or Neurodiversity affirming. Contact the Neurodiversity Foundation to collaborate or support the project. 

About ND Pride Day 2024

June 16 2024 will be the 7th edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day, and Neurodiversity Pride Week is from 10-17th of June 2024. Check out the website for information:

About ND Pride Day 2023

June 16 2023 will be the 6th edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day, the day of pride to celebrate neurodivergent uniqueness, and how each of us add beauty to an otherwise neurotypical society. It’s a day organized by & for neurodivergents, and their allies. 

The program for ND Pride 2023:

VR Event

There is going to be another wild VR event hosted in the “Pride universe of the Neurodiverse”. All are welcome to a unregulated hangout and meet others in the “Friends Room“, both on desktop as with VR gear. 

You Time

ND Pride, is more about YOU, than about anybody else. If there is anything you choose to do today, we’d recommend a moment to reflect, for each of us neurodivergents. To remember what we bring to the world. To smile, knowing it’s a lot. In the “You Room“, the ND Pride Anthem “Own Kind” can be heard.

NeuroEmergence Online Summit

A free 3 day conference with experts and neurodivergents sharing in a online gathering. Tickets are free , the theme of this edition is “Owning Your Stories” and is created by the Neurodiversity Education Academy.  

Local Activities in participating nations

The list of local activities in NL, UK, USA, Australia, Phillipines, Egypt and many more, will be too long to share. But there are allways Neurodivergents looking to join in. Join in, or even better: organize your own event. We welcome activities from all nations, that respect the 3 basic guidelines.

Neurodiversity Keynote of the Year

Every Year we ask a daring pioneer to speak about Neurodiversity. In 2023, we are grateful for Nancy Doyle to be the Keynote speaker of 2023.

Support & Cocelebrations

There are many ways to support the celebrations. Share a ‘happy neurodiversity pride day’ message on your social media channels, to pass on the positivity to others. You can use #NDpride #NeurodiversityPride #Neurodiversityprideday or #NeurodivergentPride as hashtags. ND Pride Day, Neurodiversity Day, and Neurodivergent Pride Day are accepted alternatively used names for Neurodiversity Pride Day celebrations in June.


During Covid times, we cancelled our “big” dance event, and created the largest VR Partyroom with live DJs. The dream of dancing together face-to-face, will be reinstated in 2023, with the first all-night NeuroDance! To organize your own NeuroDance locally, and stream NeuroDance music to your location to dance to, contact us for support.

Hoisting the NeuroInclusive Capital Flag

In some cities, really good things are happening to support neurodivergent folks, and in that effort, the municipality can be a shining star for other cities to be inspired by. The ND Pride flag wil be hoisted for the first time! 

UNITED NATIONS World Calendar bid

In gratefulness for all supporters, sponsors and enthusiasts, and with great love for all who celebrated ND Pride in the past, our main growth aim for the next 2 years is for our day of pride, to be accepted on a global level: there will be a bid towards the UN to have ND Pride enlisted on the United Nations World Calendar in 2024.

Neuro Inclusive Politician Award

Every 2 years, a politician is selected from a group of nominees, as the winner of the neuroinclusive politician award, commonly called: “NIP”. This action is currently only in the Netherlands. 

EU "7th Pillar" Policy Request

The EU action is calling for the European Commission to include neurodiversity as the 7th pillar of inclusion, in order to foster acceptance and accomodation for all EU neurodivergents. The official start of this project is on ND Pride 2023.

Neurodiversity Networks meetups

June 16 is the best day in the year to launch, or meetup with your neurodiversity network. This is a group of ND peers in your own organization. If your organization does not have a  network, yet, you can invite fellow neurodivergents to drink coffee or lunch together.

Stride Sports Activities

Stride is the first collective neurodivergent sports event, where we will be going the distance together. Join in, download the app and do your own stride in the week of June 16th. Solo, as a duo or united as a group. Visit the Stride site for more information.

Coming Out as Neurodivergent

To show yourself as Neurodivergent to the world, is takes bravery. It may take courage. But perhaps, this is your day, to release yourselfs of the mask, and embrace your most authentic nature.

Fundraising for Pride

The implementation of many ND Pride activities is dependent upon funding for it. While we as a non-profit group have funded allmost all costs in the past, providing all participants free tickets, we can definitively confirm some of the larger and smaller activities, like the ND Kids Club or XL Stride events in 20 countries, only when they are financially possible. Donations for ND Pride are accepted by the Neurodiversity Foundation (charity based in NL).


The ND Pride Day was founded by neurodivergents, created for ALL Neurodivergents to celebrate themselves and all other NDs in their world.

The Neurodiversity Foundation is the hub for organizers worldwide, as the initial founders, but multiple organizations organize internationally.     

Pride Stands Together.

In ND Pride we have created a day for ALL neurodivergents, like Dyslectics, Adhdoers, Tourettians and so many more. ND Pride is for all of us, its our day.

We are inspired by others, but we are not directly connected to other pride movements like LGTBQIA+pride, Mad Pride or Autistic Pride. We stand with them, we support them, but we are different initiatives, with our own ways.


All are welcome to join ND Pride celebrations, NT allies included. And, if you abide by ‘The 3 rules”, each Neurodivergent can also create their own activity.

We also welcome partners, most are non-profit community partners, but we also allow for corporate partners that have ability to create jobs and roles for neurodivergents.


About the First Stride

On ND Pride Day 2022, the app was tested with the First Stride with more than 100 participants planned on biking to create awareness on Neurodiversity Pride Day. The participants are persons with a neurodivergent mind, like autistics or dyslects or people with ADHD, and their allies and friends. The biggest group, in collab with the A-talent Foundation in 2022 will bike 50 of 100 kilometers and visit neurodivergent-friendly organisations during their journey. A second Pride group gathered via the Pride&Sports organization, are starting in Amsterdam to support Neurodivergent members of the LGTBQIA+ community celebrating their pride. Each persons ‘Stride’, their personal effort, will be added to the total, which we will record with the Stride App. At Neurodiversity Pride Day, we tested with ‘the first’ tester, and the test was succesfull: We are good to go, for 2023!

We will aim in 2023 to achieve a collective achievement of a roundtrip round the moon: 10.921 kilometers.

Neurodivergents & allies are welcomed to join, either to the routes that are planned, or by your own route and do this in your own way. There are 10 ways to move forward, biking is the most popular, but running, dancing and even moonwalking are all accepted options. How it works is:


  • You download the Stride app from the Play Store or Ios App Store.
  • After signing in, you can select with which activity you are ‘moving forward’ in your ‘stride’ journey.
  • Then you can tap on the ‘start’ button, when you start your Stride.
  • In the app you will see the total result as well, of all neurodivergents joining in today. 

Because in our Neurodivergent Stride, we go the distance together

Become a Volunteer

Yes we can use your support. Register yourself if you want to help out.


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